Fresh Burgundy Truffles 8 oz (Tuber uncinatum)


8 oz / 226.80 g

Widely used, burgundy truffles are known and appreciated around the world; the picking season goes from September to December. Burgundy is excellent when is fully ripe, and the traditional sauce is obtained by adding it to olive oil (hot but not boiling), a touch of garlic, salt, and pepper.

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There are few varieties of truffles we carry, below is the list of them.

Fresh Summer Truffle, also known as Tuber aestivum vitt – Picking season goes from May to September
Fresh Burgundy Truffle, also known as Tuber uncinatum – Picking season goes from September to December
Fresh Winter Truffle, Black Diamond, Tuber melanosporum vitt – Picking season in Europe goes from December to March

Finally, the fame Fresh Alba White Truffle from Abla, Italy region.