FRESH ALBA White Truffle – Tuber Magnatum Pico


80g / 2.82 oz


White truffles need a special care and a particular attention to reach the most prestigious tables around the world in perfect condition, so the best restaurants and the finest gourmet trust Taurus Truffles and our experience for this delicate task.

We supply those delicate Alba truffles to some of the exquisite dinings around the nation and in Asia, such as Spiaggia and Everest in Chicago, Fiola, and Masseria in Washington DC, and La Cocotte by Fabien Vergé in Taiwan.

Keep in mind this is FRESH Alba Truffle. Once you’ve placed an order, we will contact our local truffle exporters in Italy directly and make the necessary shipping arrangements. Take approximately 2 weeks for delivery, actual shipping for Alba Truffle is 48 hours using air transport to ensure the freshness.



One of the best and the most expensive food in the world, unlike the black truffle, white Alba Truffle cannot be farmed. It has to be grown naturally. Even more expensive than French Caviar.

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Weight 2.82 oz