Johnnie Walker XR 21 Reserve Imported


Brand NEW in the box with carrying sleeve, this style of bottle was designed for APEC market, NOT SOLD in the United States! Five reasons you SHOULD enjoy this 21-years old whiskey in your lifetime.

SOLD the last reminding two bottles, on back order.


The first reason why you should drink John Walker and Sons XR 21: The unique blend is a celebration of Sir Alexander Walker’s knighthood. The legacy blend is said to be a commemoration of Walker’s outstanding leadership and service to his king and country. Honor Sir Alexander Walker the right way.

Second: The spectacular new design of the premium blended Scotch Whiskey John Walker and Sons XR 21 Year Old reflects the style of whiskey decanters from the 1920s, a period known as the Art Deco era. During this era, Walker served as the brand’s master blender. The elegant bottles are individually numbered, inscribed with a sculpted cross that echoes Sir Alexander Walker’s Knighthood, and encapsulated in a bright gold box.

Third: It’s rare. This blend contains whiskeys that are aged for a minimum of 21 years and drawn from scarce Johnnie Walker reserves. This includes some whiskeys from distilleries that no longer exist. “John Walker & Sons XR, 21 Year Old, is crafted using other rare whiskeys from aged oak casks. This rich and multi-layered blend is imbued with subtle vanilla and golden honey notes and has an incredibly smooth finish. It is best enjoyed neat in a tumbler, accompanied by chilled water.” said Jim Beveridge, Johnnie Walker Master Blender.

Fourth: One word, exclusivity. The 1-liter bottle of John Walker & Sons XR 21 Year Old are available exclusively in travel retail outlets across the globe, nowhere else. The 750 ml version is available in travel retail and domestically.